Komatra Chuengsatiansup is a medical anthropologist, medical doctor and the Director of the Society and Health Institute, which is part of the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. He has researched and widely published in Thai and international journals on community health and social policy, including community drug use, village health volunteers, and primary care in Thailand.

As a medical anthropologist working in the Ministry of Public Health, his works are instrumental in integrating an anthropological perspective in health policy development and implementation. He has taught extensively on anthropological theory and research methods, community health work, pharmaceutical use and health policy in Thailand and internationally. He has previously worked together with Luechai Sringernyuang on community drug use in Thailand, with a particular focus on antimicrobials.

As co-investigator on the AMIS programme in Thailand, he leads and oversees the following ethnographic component of the project in Thailand. His research will focus on the anthropology of knowledge, partly with relation to health care professionals and scientists working with antimicrobials and AMR.